Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Wise comments from wise women

Here are a couple of comments I received about my recent posts from two of the most wise and influential women in my life. I think what they had to say gives balance to some of my comments and I thought it would be helpful to post them.

"You know, Julie, only you and the Lord truly know the struggles in your heart, and if you are identifying yesterdays chaos in your house as a result of your own slothfulness, then I can't question that.  However. . .on the other side, I believe weekends are difficult to manage-this part of the week requires a different kind of diligence and also some grace, if you know what I mean?  It always seemed that Mondays were our "ordering days" at home; I tried hard not to plan anything or go out on Mondays--blessings of Sundays can cause an upheavel in our our homemaking routine." Darcie N.

" I am so glad that He chooses the weak and foolish and I am so glad that His strength is made perfect in weakness....that's where his glory shines girl...so your lazy...He desires to put His power on display there!!! " Amy W.

Amy sent this clarifying statement about what she said above, "Well, as I read my advice to you, I should have put..as you obey...I don't want it to sound like a let go and let God thing...As you obey...He changes you into something that you are not naturally...He does something that you in and of yourself cannot do....then when people look at your handiwork, the glory goes to Him and not to you! " 

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  1. I love the Monday thing. I try to NOT clean or organize on the weekends, especially on Sundays, but to keep a very relaxed atmosphere to enjoy the family and guests, if any. Mondays are days of re-grouping and reorganizing!!! My Tuesdays are too, actually. And, Fridays in anticipation of the weekends.